Lady Aletta Jemmas

Daughter of Baron Jemmas


The younger of Duke Jemmas’ twin daughters, Lady Aletta portrays the pinnacle of being a lady in the realm. An administrative genius, she runs much of the realm’s bureaucracy, and is well respected by their clerks and other administrative personnel. She seems to have no desires beyond helping her people and being supportive of her family, and her sister, Lady Siobhan Jemmas in particular.

Lady Aletta has largely taken over management of Horn Industries, and has earned a position at the table of the planet’s Mangai. She has begun surrendering her control over the many aspects of rulership in the realm to her sister Lady Siobhan, and rumors are rife that her sister might be, at last, engaged to be married.

Aletta is a spiritual woman, whose religious beliefs are typical of her people, holding that machines have “souls”, and that even the world is “…just one big machine…”.


Aletta is a pretty brunette, and married to a local knight of the realm’s military, and has two young children.

In 3036, as her sister began taking a more direct role in the rulership of the realm, Lady Aletta stepped up to the control of Horn Industries, and examined its portfolio of production goods. Recognizing the company did electronics quite well, and sensing the growing trend towards this form of technology on the planet, she formally started importing various manufacturing blocks to expand its manufacture of basic electronics components.

Lady Aletta Jemmas

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