Lady Kalique Abrasax

Noble Lady and CEO of the "Star Shipping Agency"


“Time is the single-most valuable commodity in the universe.”

Lady Kalique Abrasax is the matriarch of the Abrasax family, and controls the monopoly over planetary shipping off-world, mostly through her family’s corporation, “Star Shipping Agency”, but also operates the system’s only real starport, Rejhappur Starport.

Lady Kalique is primarily seen dressed elegantly and often has elaborate ornaments in her hair, including dragonfly ornaments reminiscent of her family sigil. She is a youthful woman in her late-twenties/early thirties with clear, pale skin and dark hair. Her green eyes are known to say much of her true knowledge of politics and the fact that she controls her family interests with intelligence and restraint.

Lady Kalique has very refined tastes, and her surroundings are always very tastefully and elegantly decorated. While Lady Kalique often appears benign and friendly towards rivals, she is also known to be self-serving and deceptive; she is, after all, a leading noble of the planet’s upper caste, and seeks to maintain her position and that of her family at whatever the cost. She undermines her rivals through any means available.



House Abrasax Sigil

Lady Kalique was born into one of the trade houses of System – Gollere, and rose quickly through her clan and society through a series of shrewd decisions and outright blackmail. She managed to consolidate the power base of her clan prior to the death of her older brother Bathos, and claimed the leadership the night of his demise. No one has risen to try and replace her since. She maintains a lavish palace in the heart of Tharn City, where she entertains both rivals and allies on a regular basis; her parties are considered the best in the planet’s upper caste, and anyone in attendance is both important and dangerous.

Lady Kalique is very much a woman in a society where she is expected to be graceful and refined and educated in matters of planetary traditions and protocols. In addition, she was raised in a family that has many dealings with off-world traders, and has an understanding of Computers, Administration and interstellar trade that rivals anyone else on the planet. She is very understanding of the limits and capabilities of modern interstellar travel, and uses that knowledge to manage her family interests well, despite her age. Perhaps she, of all the nobles of Gollere is the best-suited to continue managing the monopoly which her family controls.

Her family monopoly over the Gollere Star Shipping Agency, a logistics corporation founded in 2964, it handles all business relating to incoming out-system DropShips and shuttles, such as pilotage, logistics and food/water supply. It holds a long-term contract with Rim AeroSpace to supply its patrons. It also effectively controls the starport in Tharn City, and deals with most off-world merchants who in turn, deal directly with the Mangai. This has given her family great wealth and influence over planetary trade, and indirect control over the starport managers. The clan’s dragonfly sigil is everywhere in the starport, as its managers run most concerns therein.

The corporation controls the planet’s off-world trade with a fierceness, and maintains reasonable trade tariffs to support the effort. Its policy of rewarding hard work and loyalty with lands and position, has also endeared them to their employees and supporters. They have invested much of their capital into developing their own off-world transports, and possess six (6) K-1 Class Dropshuttles and a single (1) armed Danais-Class DropShip, known as the “Asperii”. They had also been quietly sending out feelers for years to purchase their own JumpShip, and acquired the aged “Seraphi”, a Merchant-Class JumpShip of unknown origins, in 3031. Many claim it cost the family dearly, but of all the nobles of Gollere, the Abrasax family alone could support it. Both DropShip and JumpShip are commonly involved in trade missions among the local constellation, though primarily into neighboring System – Pa’an and System – Dumassas.

The family also has a wing of RL-5A Quetzals used to defend their holdings near the starport, but these were not deployed during the Iron Dingoes attack on the mercenaries holding the facility on behalf of the government bureaucracy of the Mangai. This openly displayed her support for the caste authority of the nobles, instead of the common bureaucrats. It is also said the family have a large sensor array available at the planet’s starport, including a large satellite network, to detect any penetration of airspace over the local region.

Since casting their influence in the system, the Abrasax family have been supportive of * “The Iron Dingoes” efforts, and have become integral to widespread trade Spinward of System – Gollere, through their trade company. The Abrasax family are noted as the wealthiest of all the noble clans on the planet, and seem to have tied their rising star to the well-being and support of interstellar trade across the local constellation.

Lady Kalique Abrasax

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