Trooper Lepa Polczyk

Captured Pilot of the "Bloody Corsairs"


Little is known about Trooper Lepa Polczyk at this time. She claims to be nothing more than a bandit, but has proven highly capable and antagonistic towards the Iron Dingoes, though she claims the title “Bondsman”, and follows orders without too much overview… though no one is willing to take the chance at this time.

Lepa is a young asian woman with countless ritual asian-style tattoos covering most of her body. Her weapons of choice include matched daisho; katana and wakazashi. She also seems proficient with handguns, rifles and SMGs. She is also very skilled at unarmed combat. Her desire for survival seems high, so much so, that positive proof of her demise can drive her to great lengths.

For several years she served as Dame Modesty Scrope “Viper”’s personal assistant and “Shadow”, having become less a MechWarrior, and more of an attache. She has developed a great deal of fear regarding her “mistress”. In particular, she had quietly accepted her position, but also bore her signature weapons and a side-arm with the blessing of her commanding officer.

In mid-3025, she was assigned a position as a Mech pilot once more, piloting an OTL-4D Ostsol in * The Blood Raiders.


Trooper Lepa Polczyk has not revealed much about her past, though it is apparent she knows more than she’s willing to share. Months of close interrogation have resulted in very little that is new. Lepa admits to being a pirate, and her story, pieced together from numerous interviews, follows.

Lepa Polczyk was born to the Yakuza of the Draconis Combine. She served her clan with honor as an enforcer, until she was captured by Pirate-Lord Cyr Milligan – Deseased during his raids on the border worlds near the Outworld’s Allaince.

Serving as a tech, she quickly proved herself a capable warrior, defeating a lesser Mech pilot in single combat, and seizing his Mech as her spoils. She proved herself, eventually gaining possession of the Vixen she was piloting, which was itself taken, along with several other advanced Mechs, from a cache discovered near Tortuga. She was leader of the “Recon Lance” of the band the group ran into, until her Mech was torn to pieces.

She freely admits that she doesn’t trust everything Milligan was explaining to her, especially the origins of the Mech she piloted, the DropShips they owned, nor the reasonings behind being this deep in the Periphery. Nonetheless, she did what needed to happen, in order to stay alive.

In early 3022, she was released from her prison cell, and following a close and private interrogation by Dame Modesty Scrope “Viper”, became her personal attache. Granted a certain degree of freedom, she quietly did whatever was asked of her, and provided an important liaison service with the Werewolves, to the rest of the unit, running messages and ensuring both sides had proper contact at all times.

She has since moved back into a Mech, filling a recent empty slot, and now serves as a pilot in * The Blood Raiders.

Trooper Lepa Polczyk

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