Senior Executive Liberte Asante

Corporate Rep for the Mercenary Bonding Corp of the Unity of Promise


Senior Executive Liberte Asante is a senior negotiator for the Mercenary Bonding Corporate Branch of System-State – “The Unity of Promise”, governing Conglomerate Corporation. She is a corporate creature, through and through, and seems defined by her position more than anything else. Her loyalty remains without question.

A tall, dark-haired and sloe-eyed “femme fatale”, she wears fierce corporate business suits and always seems to have a cigarette in her hand. Her eyes stare right through you, and people meeting her for the first time get the distinct impression she could see you dead as anything else. She is fiercely beautiful, with a haunting aspect to her that defies description.


Little is known about Liberte Asante, though she is a senior corporate executive with the governing corporation of the Unity of Promise. It has been noted, however, that she bears the insignia of a black assault rifle below that of the traditional UP sigil worn by most corporate executives. The meaning behind this insignia has been identified as her representing a parent corporation in the Unity; Consolidated Arms, a major arms production company that is also the chief facilitator to the Unity military. This corporation seems capable of being an important arms supplier in the Hyades March Region.

Senior Executive Liberte Asante

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