Commander Kristina Schmidt

Lead Pilot of the DropShip "Relentless"


Commander Kristina Nelson nee Schmidt, is a talented AeroSpace pilot and knowledgeable navigator formerly serving the “Brush Wolf” as its Second Pilot and Navigator. She is rumored to have numerous contacts among the New Hedon Admirality, on System – Heroditus and is a very skilled martial artist.

Commander Schmidt is a Regular AeroSpace Pilot NPC and Regular DropShip Navigator and Pilot NPC, and has command of the “Relentless”.


Formerly a customs officer and AeroSpace shuttle pilot with the New Hedon Admirality, she turned independent when she failed a vision test, and was subsequently diagnosed with Retinal Degeneration. Although her vision can be a problem at times, her skills as a navigator meant she still had marketable skills and so she hired aboard the commercial Buccaneer-Class DropShip “Hot Booty”. It was here she met her husband, Commander Daniel Schmidt, though they soon faced difficulties and broke-up just prior to the “Sunburst Incident”.

Following the collapse of her job, she flailed about for a week trying to decide on a new occupation, but was convinced by her former husband to accept a contract with the Iron Dingoes. Somewhat skeptical of where the unit is heading, she proved to be a capable navigator, and knows many of the local systems in the Systems Constellation – “The Hyades March”.

Easy to get along with, she is popular among her crew, many of whom she has worked with for years. Often times, they will approach her and let her discuss matters of concern with the command council, trusting she will remain in their confidence.

Cmdr Nelson was once in a relationship with LtSG Massimo De Luca “Advocate”. While originally little more than a casual “thing”, they have parted company and remain on good terms. She suspects Advocate might presently be obsessing over a new “love”. She was happy with her contract and remained on-board the Brush Wolf as XO for many years.

In early 3023, she was promoted to Commander and given charge over the small crew available to pilot the “Relentless”. Her crew are a mix of mercenary DropShip engineers and pilots from various backgrounds, and recruiting a full roster remains her primary plan.

Commander Kristina Schmidt

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