Lieutenant JG Abbey Chase "Peaches"

Former Exotic Dancer and Danger Junkie


Lieutenant JG Abbey Chase, or “Peaches”, is a former exotic dancer and has led a handful of entertainers and Heroditus citizens to indulge their desire for adventure by signing with the Iron Dingoes and make a better life for themselves.

LtJG Abbey Chase is a Veteran Infantry Officer NPC, with talents in languages and communications. She is also noted as an excellent marksman. She has come a long way from the simple danger junkie of a few years ago, and despite her jocularity and active desire for danger, is a consummate professional when she needs to be.


LtJG Chase is somewhat known on System – Heroditus as one of the infamous “Danger Girls”; a collection of exotic dancers and athletes who indulge their search for dangerous thrills by engaging in extreme sports and other “adventure”. Never able to generate the kind of publicity or funds she had hoped for, she led a habdful of her “Danger Girls” to learn martial arts and train in weapons use.

She and her handful of warrior women managed to join a security company, and gained some practical experience in security work and other rather mundane tasks. Though it padded their resume, it didn’t get them what they really wanted; adventure, and despite the publicity generated, considered their options. Leaving that unit, they gathered a number of other, like-minded male and female celebrity wannabes, and formed a new group of mixed infantry, calling themselves “The New Spartan Troop”. Their first contract was with the Iron Dingoes.

The Dingoes officers quickly convinced them that they should reorganize under the umbrella of * “The Cerberus Command”, and further broke them and a few other hired squads into the various sub-units of that organization, wherever their individual skills seemed to lead them.

LtJG Abbey Chase leads a several squads (armed with auto-rifles and support MGs) in the Perimeter Security Group of the Iron Dingoes. She and her group are an all-female collection of danger junkies, and have taken to calling themselves the “Danger Girls”. In addition to her small arms marksmanship (which is exceptional), she has proven to be talented with languages and is an amateur archaeologist of Star League history. Her early inclusion in the “Little Slice of Heaven” operation did much to buoy her decision to join the Dingoes.

Having suffered fair casualties during the boarding operation of the “Victory’s Blood” DropShip, her force was dangerously depleted. The unit made re-building her force a priority and they have proven very capable and worked hard to integrate the new recruits into their line, making them stable once more. They are the senior-most full security platoon in the Dingoes to this day.

Lieutenant JG Abbey Chase "Peaches"

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