Lieutenant JG Aki Ross

Conscripted MedTech and Scientist of the 405th Technical Support Company


Lieutenant Aki Ross is the team second formerly of the 405th Technical Support Company. With a skill that belies her youthful looks, she is of medium height, build and slight aisan features, and is a skilled technical scientist. She is the protegée of Doctor Sid Sutherland.

Lieutenant Ross is a Regular NPC MedTech and Scientist. She is also a knowledgeable Regular NPC VTOL Pilot, using the base Karnov URs whenever she needed to travel into the deserts on research expeditions. At present, she is often assigned to fill the pilot’s seat of the Medical Group’s Cobra Transport VTOL, in its MASH Evac variant, a position she has proven to both enjoy and be rather capable at. She serves aboard the “Pandora’s Box”, along with the “Second Med Team”.


A scientific protegée, Aki grew up to be a strong, empathic, and independent woman, finding pleasure in solitude and thought. She is also a dedicated pacifist, opting to find the less violent solution in a situation although she is not above taking the violent solution if no other option is presented. Due to studying in the Houston Military Academy she is knowledgeable of military techniques and recon skills, and as such she is competent with a gun, often carrying her own sidearm during expeditions across the wastelands.

As a scientist and doctor, Aki is also knowledgeable of medical practices and is an expert on the subject of atmospheric weather patterns and composition and is something of a planetologist.

Aki Ross was born in Terra’s San Francisco in 2992. She was orphaned at an early age when her parents fell victim to a lab accident and was raised by an aunt on Andurien from then on. Following in the footsteps of her parents, a pair of highly respected scientists, Aki dedicated her life to understanding biotechnology. Often outspoken in her opinions and ideas, Aki became an expert in her field at an early age. She would travel between systems, conducting experiments and lectures with other scientists. She soon gained the attention and fell under the supervision of renowned scientific theorist Dr. Sid Sutherland, Aki began research on atmospheric wave-theory that Sid himself had developed.

Having developed a close relationship, she followed him into relative exile along with several other young students to Pilpala and their duties with the 405th Technical Support Company. She has been instrumental in maintaining the Medical Team’s morale, organizing and leading numerous “expeditions” into the harsh deserts along the planet’s pole, testing and monitoring various aspects of the planet’s atmosphere and air quality. While they did some research, the opportunity to get away from the base and its oppressive atmosphere was invaluable to the team’s sanity.

She has built a relationship with Doctor Carolyn Lamb, and the two often consult with each other regarding planetology matters.

Lieutenant JG Aki Ross

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