Lieutenant JG Dominic Reed

Unit Technical "Junior" Armsmaster


A former naval engineer from years of service aboard DropShips, LtJG Dominic Reed is a skilled technician and serves as the technical WeaponsMaster in the unit.

LtJG Reed is a Veteran Weapons Technican NPC.


Lt(JG) Dominic Reed is a former naval engineering officer, who is seeking to use his skills to improve his financial status and look forward to many more years of eventual retirement; possibly in a land-holding somewhere in the Inner Sphere. From a long line of naval officers, Lt(JG) Reed left the service of House Davion to “retire” on Heroditus, but after several years of inactivity, decided he needed to travel and work once more (rumors say he ran up debts and needed to get off-planet with a paying job soon, rather than later). A good tech regarding weapons systems and armaments, he specializes in DropShip weapons pods, and often travels throughout the Dingoes’ fleet ensuring its systems are in top shape. He also looks after the unit’s Mech and armor munitions storage.

Although assigned with a title as a unit “Junior Armsmaster”, he lacks many of the skills for close combat and hand-to-hand weapons training required for the full title. He is, however, a very good tech, and is able to fill many of the gaps that his counter-part, Lieutenant SG Walker McGuire, who oversees much of the personnel training for the unit’s infantry, is not fully capable. He shares weapons maintenance duties with Lt(SG) McGuire, looking after the unit’s small arms armories, though concentrating on their heavier support arms.

Lieutenant JG Dominic Reed

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