Lieutenant JG Edmund Graves "Gunny"

Junior Officer in the Black Fire Brigade


Lieutenant JG Edmund Graves is a former Liao “Gunny” and experienced militia trooper. Having some experience in civilian security work, he is an asset to the unit’s infantry troopers.

LtJG Graves is a Regular Infantry Officer NPC. He has little interest in anything besides his troopers and his wages, but is still a good tactician.


Prior to serving with the Dingoes, LtJG Edmund Graves was an Infantry Marine before he left the military and entered civilian life. He was a local militia non-com on Victoria for awhile, but was injured and fell into alcohol. A year later, at the insistence of his friends also recently released from service in the military, he sobered-up and together they organized a small infantry platoon under a former officer, Captain Lars Yi, known as the “Black Fire Brigade”. Upon Li’s death some years later, Gunny was voted into command of the unit.

Having taken numerous simple security contracts with various minor corporations, the group decided to seek something with “… more bite…”, that might give them a little more cash and some focus. Taking passage to Heroditus, they spent a few weeks engaging in R&R and then began looking for a patron unit to hire-on with. The Iron Dingoes were the first unit to interview them for a job.

The unit has settled in well, even going so far as dissolving their former platoon organization to absorb some of the Iron Dingoes own officers and other personnel, and to merge better with the Dingoes’ plans and agenda. LtJG Graves personally leads a pair of squads armed with autorifles and twin support MGs, all former members of his previous unit. He seems well-liked.

His relationship with Tech Ginney McRiven has ended on fairly amicable terms, and rumor has him dating one of the junior AsTechs from the Brush Wolf.

Lieutenant JG Edmund Graves "Gunny"

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