Captain Jerri Holden

Lead Infantry Officer of the Dead Man's Hand


Captain Jerri Holden leads a handful of infantry squads from the Cerberus Command’s Perimeter Security Group. She now heads the infantry portion of * “The Dead Man’s Hand”. A skilled infantry officer, she leads by example and stays in the midst of her command, training, living and fighting along with them.

Captain Holden is a Veteran Infantry Officer NPC. Her squads include a large number of combat veterans, as well as a handful of former security personnel from the Fitzroy Estates on Patriarch, that gave them a veteran quality unlike most of the Perimeter Security Group.

Following losses on Dunkelheim during the raid on their DropShips, some of her personnel were distributed to other units to bolster trained personnel, reducing its ratings somewhat. Although she was not in favour of breaking-up her troops, she did so, understanding the unit as a whole needed her peoples expertise, and so they were promoted and transferred. As a result, there are several squads in the main unit that still respect and look-up to Captain Holden.


Tough as nails, despite her age, Captain Holden has seen much heartache and bears the emotional wounds of several years of rough combat. Leading the remnants of her former mercenary infantry company, along with a handful of former security officers, they are proven skilled, though experienced in hard fighting with their long service on System – Patriarch. When asked about her experience in the chaos of the wars on Patriarch, she calls it a “…festering nuclear wasteland…”, and rarely speaks more of her experiences.

Among her troops, she runs a tight command. Despite the hard-line attitude, her troops respected her for doing everything she could to get them off-planet and onto System – Heroditus. Many feel they owed her their very lives.

During the closing months of the unit’s contract on System – Dumassas, then Lt Holden volunteered her platoon to head-up a sub-contract for the unit in the * “Sangrian (Air-Mobile/Mechanized) Training Cadre”. She received a temporary brevet command of “Captain-Brevet” for her tour of duty, and the promise of a permanent promotion to “Captain” when she returned to regular service. She fulfilled the contract, and now leads the infantry command of The Dead Man’s Hand.

During the time they have spent together, she and Captain Carla Estrella, the Iron Dingoes assigned liaison officer with the Sangrian government, have become an item, sharing a house in Garrison, though they have official quarters assigned to them separately as well.

Captain Jerri Holden

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