Lieutenant JG Rita Rose Vrataski "Full Metal Bitch"

Lead Soldier of the Loup Garou


Lieutenant JG Rita Rose Vrataski is the lead officer for the Forward Operations Unit of “The Loup Garou”, * “The Werewolves”. So-called the “Full Metal Bitch” by her fellow soldiers, she displays a hard-ass attitude and is increasingly peerless in her assigned Battle Armor – Tornado PA.

While a Veteran NPC Infantry Trooper, she is rated as a Veteran Battle Armor NPC Pilot, and the best skilled pilot in her unit. Her personal tech is Senior Tech Shamus Harper “Ironhide” – Lead Tech.


Originally an up-and-coming trooper from the unit’s marine StarGuards force, LtJG Vrataski was promoted to lead element of this experimental force. She is still working out her unit’s kinks.

She wields a massive two-handed “sword” made of a cast-off helicopter blade plated with scrap armor plate.

Lieutenant JG Rita Rose Vrataski "Full Metal Bitch"

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