Lord Administrator Prestor Sifuentes

CEO of Borealis


“Do not expect to be applauded when you do the right thing, and do not expect to be forgiven when you err. But even your enemies will respect commitment—and a conscience at peace is worth more than a thousand tainted victories.”

Lord Administrator Prestor Sifuentes is a dark-haired native of Terramatrix, considered handsome to many others. Known for his elegant and meticulous choice of style, he is very self-aware and always appears well-presented. He takes his position as the “Lord Administrator” of * The Independent Territory of Borealis, and CEO of Borealis Corporation seriously, spending much of his free time working on both legislative and domestic matters. He is always collected and in control of himself and those around him, and is legendary for his contemplative stature.

Although an intelligent man and an innovative strategist, Sifuentes tends act on faith instead of playing safe. He is not afraid to take risks if the benefits justify the costs, and he learns quickly from his mistakes. For a politician, Sifuentes has unusual skills such as the ability to pilot a K-1 Class Dropshuttle by himself. A polyglot, Sifuentes speaks not only Spanish as his primary tongue, but also English, German, French and Japanese.

As a private man, Prestor is also a loving husband to his wife Breha, whom he called “…my dove…”, though his recent merger with Dingo Brand Corporation requires him to travel rather extensively. When the opportunities arise, Sifuentes enjoys a good drink; he is known to favor Blackmoon Ale with a twist of Blue Sarsata Peel, and Tragnari white wines. He has a single young daughter, Carrie “Cara”, and a younger sister, Tia who serves the company in a technical support role.



Born as the son of a Darrian family, Prestor Sifuentes grew up in comfort and received the best education in The Federative Republic of San Marcos. He eventually rose to a leadership position in Borealis Corporation, taking control of its flagship resource colony of * The Independent Territory of Borealis in 3014, overseeing its maintenance throughout the difficult financial difficulties in the decade that followed, but keeping the company profitable and in operation.

In 3024, as the company’s resources in San Marcos evaporated, he managed to hold the colony together, declaring it an “…independent entity…” in the aftermath of the 3024 Small War, though greatly reduced in importance on the world stage. Its relative isolation and self-sufficiency, as well as its valuable diamond mine, kept the resource town operational and generally ignored throughout the following chaos on the planet.

In late-3030, he was offered a sizable sum to merge the corporate entity, both nation-state and company, with the Dingo Brand Corporation, making the site another landhold under Iron Dingoes control. He accepted, recognizing that the veiled threat of the mercenaries was that they might take a militant approach in acquiring the colony, and chose peace over conflict, saving his people for the greater fight of creating a unified planetary government under the Commonwealth. The Iron Dingoes quickly absorbed the community, implementing their own technical expertise, and making the site another source of personnel and resources in their expanding landhold system on the planet.

Today, he leads the company much as before, but can call upon the greater financial and military might of the Iron Dingoes, and is still considered the leader of the nascent nation-state, though it is a notable portion of their demesne.

Lord Administrator Prestor Sifuentes

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