Lord (LtSG) Henry "Fitzy" Fitzroy

Former nobleman from Patriarch


Lord Henry Fitzroy is a former nobleman from the chaotic System – Patriarch. Last survivor of his House, he is a good negotiator, despite appearing as something of a “fop” when initially met. Experienced as a bureaucrat and administrator, he serves in the Dead Man Hand’s command staff, acting as an adjutant to the Colonel and working closely with Major “Veruca” Louise Salt as a support element.

Lord Fitzroy is a Veteran Administrative NPC, serving as a staff officer attached to * “The Dead Man’s Hand” as its chief negotiator and liaison officer. He also has good communications and computer skills, learned over the last few years during work with the Dingoes. He has control of the unit’s Command Van, and leads the command element in the C&C.

Although he technically has a rank of “Lieutenant SG”, he prefers to be referred to as “Lord Fitzroy”; an empty title.


Lord Henry “Fitzy” Fitzroy is the sole surviving member of his minor noble clan from the battered periphery world of Patriarch. His clan had attempted to survive the constant warfare and chaos that faces its inhabitants, but despite hiring a capable mercenary command, was destroyed by a particularly large marauder force, and forced to evacuate with many of its security personnel. The remnant of the House treasury was lost in getting the unit to Heroditus, and its surviving elements absorbed into the Iron Dingoes security forces.

Lord Fitzroy has the typical attitude of most nobles, but it has been tempered by the eradication of everything he once held dear. He serves with quiet dignity, and despite appearing at first to be something of a dandy, has proven to have a strong personality and charisma that makes people want to be nice to him. He is known to have access to numerous contacts and is quite well-equipped, including a “Blazer” Laser Rifle and other equipment he consistently acquires through unknown personal sources.

During * “The Dead Man’s Hand”s involvement in the Brightwater Base incident, Fitzy met and impressed Warlord Varsha Arkadjian, and in early 3024 was kidnapped and convinced by her into becoming her consort.

Lord (LtSG) Henry "Fitzy" Fitzroy

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