"Major" Charles Alder "The Voice"

Former Coms Officer and XO of the Iron Dingoes


“Voice” is a skilled communications officer, and has several years experience as the XO of the former 13th Provisional Company of the 3rd Marik Militia. He has proven a good tactician, and his organizational experience as a unit officer has proven valuable in the past few years.

Major Alder personally owns a modified HBK-4G-CAb Hunchback “Blazer-Class”, which was used as a template for future Mech modifications in the Dingoes primary combat line. These modifications involve turning the majority of their Mechs into fast raiders. This employed upgrading heavier Mechs engine ratings, and swapping munitions-based weapons for energy weapons systems.


Former XO of the 13th Provisional Company of the 3rd Marik Militia.

Major Alder is typical of his peers, he inherited a Hunchback and moved down the course of a military life. He has been a model officer, and served the unit with distinction; in point of fact, no one had anything bad to say about him at his trial, and his advocate spoke loudly and well in support of him. The year spent fighting up and down the border of Liao space in the Marik Civil War was the highlight of his short career, and the eventual demise of the 3rd Marik Militia was a hard-fought battle that earned him accolades from Duke Anton Marik, including several raiding and conquest ribbons in the campaign, as well as his position as company XO.

Unlike many others in the Dingoes, Major Charles Alder was not stripped of his rank, and was never blamed for disobeying any orders or even of treason (unlike most of the unit). Rather, Major Alder was given a serious reprimand and was black-marked for his actions in support of Duke Anton Marik. His punishment was not to work in the mines of System – Pilpala for the rest of his life, but rather to serve as a guard at the Orion Prison Facility for an undetermined number of years, until he had been deemed “rehabilitated”. The fact that no one comes back from Pilpala was not a consideration at the trial. His family BattleMech, an ancient Hunchback, was sent on ahead of him to the facility along with the company dependents, and awaited his appearance at the facility to redeem the venerable machine. He now pilots this piece of his family history with pride, as he was the only Line pilot to retain his hereditary BattleMech.

Major Alder has the habit of constantly chewing gum and is known to get irritable if denied his “Chaw of Andurien Cinammon”.

In addition to acting as unit XO, Voice also had been given over the position of Unit S-1 to Advocate, and had taken the position of Unit S-6 (Communications and Security). In this position, Voice constantly monitored local communication frequencies, and worked closely with the Iron Dingoes Security forces in * “The Cerberus Command”. While Wraith, the Unit S-3 is concerned with training these recruits, Voice was more concerned with maintaining overall security aboard both DropShips and the JumpShip transports the unit possesses, as well as when the unit assets are on the ground.

On April 11th, 3018, Voice officially resigned from the Iron Dingoes, forfeiting his commission and leaving the unit behind as he made his own way in the world. While the exact incident that sparked this break-up is unknown, he took his family Hunchback, and abandoned the unit for the Mech fighting circuits on System – Dumassas. He is believed to have a good future in the local Mech arenas.

It was all a lie. Voice had secretly been in talks with members of the Junta in The District of Garcia, and was given a large bounty along with a chance to seize his own DropShip, in exchange for taking lead of a lance of Iron Dingoes turn-coats. They proved vary good, and were able to blunt the counter-assault to retake the DropShip, but were unable to stop the troops long enough to ensure the DropShip was primed for take-off. He was last seen fleeing into Ciudad Garcia with Trooper Deralzen Hetaxis “NKB and MechWarrior Jakob Wiebe “Boom-Boom”

For the last part of 3017, and into 3018, Voice had been in the regular company of Trooper Jessica Burlingame “Slayer”, and they had become constant training partners, sharing quarters on the Brush Wolf. They broke apart when Voice left the Dingoes during the fallout from the Salager’s Arena event, as she stayed behind because “…the ride is just too good…”.

"Major" Charles Alder "The Voice"

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