Lieutenant Colonel Carla "Razor" Chestine

Military Leader of New Denver and the Junta of Claybrooke


A capable diplomat and hard-line military woman, she is respected by her troops and feared by the citizens and even the other military forces on the planet. She is known to pilot a Warhammer at the head of her several companies of Mechs, but also has several companies of hover armor, combat helicopters & airfighters, and possession of the only two AeroFighters on-planet. She also has command over a number of battalion-sized mechanized infantry forces and the innumerable Guardia Civil forces of the planet’s police forces.

Lt. Colonel Carla Chestine is a Veteran NPC Mech Pilot, nickname “Razor”.


Lt. Colonel Carla Chestine is the present leader of the military Junta that claims control of the planet Claybrooke. Although officially only a Lieutenant Colonel in command of her Battalion of BattleMechs, the truth is, she controls the only large force of Mechs on the planet, along with severla mixed arms regiments of infantry and the primary starport, thus granting her the position of power and authority over the other military units on the planet.

She is known for her capability in the “Game of Daggers”, and is a very skilled diplomat when she must needs be. Although some have argued with her command style in the past, she is still in command and those advocates of change in the leadership have tended to die suddenly. Considered an extremist, power-hungry woman by most citizens, few are openly critical of her decades-long declaration of martial-law, because its Guardia Civil forces are quick to use their units to remove dissension to labour camps and to working in the farms and factories of the agri-plexes on the planet.

Lt. Colonel Chestine is still known to be a capable pilot of her Warhammer BattleMech, and it is rumored that she sometimes goes on extended maneuvers with her forces, when she views a situation requiring her direct hand…

Lieutenant Colonel Carla "Razor" Chestine

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