Lieutenant JG Alexander Calvin

Junior Officer of Cerberus Command


A former rebel from System – Dunkelheim resistance, Lt JG Alexander Calvin is a skilled infantry trooper. He leads a talented troop of infantry, all veteran rebels against the pirate regime of White Death.

A good officer, LtJG Calvin is a Veteran NPC Infantry Officer, though he and his troops remains new to the “life” of a mercenary.


Born to an educated family, if things had been different, LtJG Calvin might have been an art or literature teacher. When Lord-Marshal “White Death” raided and then conquered Dunkelheim, Calvin took up arms and quickly proved his knowledge of books was capable of more than just random reference material. Studying all the classics, he developed successful raid tactics and kept his team both together and intact throughout the years of war.

When Colonel “White” was forced from the planet, he realized there was nothing left to fight for. Taking his troopers (and their dependents) with him, he enlisted the unit under the banner of the Iron Dingoes, who were hiring troops of all kinds.

Lieutenant JG Alexander Calvin

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