Lieutenant JG Sitara Hewitt

Former Junior Officer of the Iron Dingoes


Sitara Hewitt was a talented and aspiring junior officer of the Iron Dingoes. Formerly leading the motorized infantry platoon known as “The Desert Roses”, Hewitt was a Regular NPC Infantry Officer.

Rumor had it she learned a number of other skills while serving in the “New Federal Army” on System – Dunkelheim, and interrogation of people who associated with her have revealed she was likely made a senior agent while on the planet, serving Lord-Marshal “White Death”.


A former pirate leader, raised from the local farm collectives of Lord-Marshal “White Death”, Hewitt rose to leadership of her little band of pirates using her feminine wiles and her knife. Serving as leader of a bunch of former farmers proved easy, and within a year, she led them to relative prosperity when the “New Federal Army” took over control of the southwestern sector from Colonel White.

When TF 29 seized control of the area, they changed sides, and served as auxiliary garrison troops for a few months in the area. Wanting more than a piece of dusty, faded glory in the Periphery, Hewitt led her troopers to the Iron Dingoes, hiring with them in hopes of a greater future.

Hewitt was a pretty local woman of East Indian extract, typical of settlers in Dunkelheim. She had drive, and in many ways was an aspiring warlord, seeking fame and comfort from the efforts of her troops. She was not above doing whatever was required to get ahead.

While discipline was a constant issue among her troops, the truth is they keep their numerous vehicles running, their weapons clean, and had more than casual training. Their failing, was that they tended to confront things head-on, and were brutal when given free reign in matters. Hewitt tended to temper this when present, but outside her influence, things got loose.

In early May of 3019, during the initial stages of invasion of The District of Garcia by The First Fire, Hewitt led a company of infantry turn-coats from the Iron Dingoes auxiliaries in an attempt to seize the unit’s DropShip, the Stone Dog. Assisted by “Major” Charles Alder “The Voice”, who led a lance of BattleMechs and former Iron Dingoes members in an attempt to hold-off the unit’s reserves. He failed, and escaped back into the city. Hewitt held off the Dingoes newest marine platoons, but once they’d breached the DropShip, the end was obvious. With her troops dead, rather than kill the bridge crew like she promised, she took her own life as the marines breached the command bridge. Her last words were a silent Hindi prayer whispered to the heavens. They say she died well.

Lieutenant JG Sitara Hewitt

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