Colonel Adam Ocelot "Black Panther"

CO of the 5th Royal Infantry (Marine) Battalion - SAF


CO of the Royal Infantry (Marine) Battalion – “The Wild Cats”, Colonel Ocelot is perhaps best known as the premier soldier in the Sangrian Armed Forces. Leading their elite 1st Infantry (Marines) Company, he has always ensured his troops have the best guns and equipment, and has consistently provided the results he demands of his people. And they love him for it.

Colonel Ocelot should be considered a Veteran Soldier NPC, and a Veteran Officer NPC, with a strong talent in Leadership, Tactics, Survival (both water and jungle), and is a talented Sharpshooter. It is rumored he can do anything his troopers can do, and better.

He achieved the nickname “Black Panther”, for his stealth skills, and the quiet way he approaches every situation; you can almost hear him think through a scenario, and when he strikes it is sudden, quiet and without reservation.


Born as the son of a local hero soldier, and a government administrator, Adam Ocelot was raised to support and promote the nation of his birth. Joining the military early, he was one of the first soldiers to be made an officer from the ranks before the age of twenty.

Adam Ocelot proved to be a capable leader and administrator, and rapidly rose to leadership of his company in the 1st Royal Infantry Battalion, and was eventually transferred to fill the vacancy available as the top officer in the Royal Infantry (Marine) Battalion before his 30th birthday.

He quickly began training his troops and ran them in constant operations around the nation, striking pirates on the rivers and lakes, guerrillas in the jungles and perfecting even “hot drops” via DropShuttle into a combat zone. He made the 1st Company the premier unit in the Sangrian Armed Forces, and continued to excel them in training and efforts to attack enemies of the nation.

On May 19th, 3021, he was engaged with * “The Dead Man’s Hand” in training his 1st Company in anti-Mech tactics, when the President of Sangria was assassinated. He and his troops immediately moved back to the capital at San Succi, and with his allies in the DMH, stormed the government buildings to save what part of the government he could from the coming storm.

Within weeks, he and the DMH were involved in evacuating all their military assets from San Succi, along with the remnants of the national government, and its hard currency reserves. First travelling to their base in Villavicencio, and thence to Ciudad Garcia via boat and land convoy, they escorted the group to safety. For his heroics in this effort, he was awarded a promotion to Colonel, and given complete organizational control of Sangrian Naval Command.

Ocelot spent the next few years consolidating and rebuilding the shore facilities at the port town of Melang to provide the organization with a new HQ, taking over the ancient local Fort Solano, and making it the hub of his operations. Presently he is training his force to adapt to the new Dumassas (Advanced) Infantry Field Kit standards, as well as working closely with integration of the facility into the * Iron Dingoes Autonomous District (IDAD).

Colonel Adam Ocelot "Black Panther"

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