Lieutenant Colonel “Jolly” Roger Galligan

CO of the Fold Fiends


Lieutenant Colonel “Jolly” Roger Galligan is the CO of * “The Fold Fiends” reserve mercenary battalion. Originally the leader of the mercenary BattleMech company of the same name, he was given charge over the battalion of mixed mercenary forces, and has displayed loyalty and honor, despite his origins as something of a pirate. He has proven he can be trusted with command, and has even taken charge of the defenses of the unit’s landholds from time to time.

He has experience as a BattelMech commander, and is primarily a Veteran BattleMech NPC Pilot. He also has skills in Tactics, Leadership and Strategy. He is a career mercenary officer, tempered by an interest in Religion and Interest : Military History.

In command, “Jolly” Roger is extremely secretive about his plans and extremely meticulous about military discipline. This secretive nature does not stand him in good stead with his subordinates, who were often not aware of his overall operational intentions until the last minutes, and sometimes complain of being left out of key decisions. Nonetheless, he displays an unnerving capability to “best guess” the enemies intentions, and is able to take the long view of things needed for strategic thinking. He is frequently successful in combat.

He is not, however, a very good tech, and often finds himself unable to grasp repair problems, leaving much of his personal logistical needs to his techs.


Reminding one of an old “civil war” soldier, Lieutenant Colonel “Jolly” Roger Galligan is a graduate of the Filtvelt Military Academy, and went on to serve several tours in the Islambad Crucis March Militia, retiring with the rank of Captain and his family Orion intact.

He started a small mercenary company of similarly retired soldiers, serving various Periphery and independent planetary powers all along the border. Meeting little notable success, though growing in number, they often resorted to outright piracy to make ends meet, and only their hiring by Starlords – “The Brethren of the Void” in a garrison contract over System – Rolling Thunder was keeping them from collapse.

The Iron Dingoes met them in battle on “Tether”, and defeated the unit for control (and the ultimate destruction) of the fuel processing plant located thereon. He and his survivors were offered a “Leash” contract to build a new reserve battalion for the Dingoes, and over several years has managed to cobble together the diverse force of green and veteran mercenaries into the combined-arms battalion known as * “The Fold Fiends”.

His promotion to Major and the promise to run his own contracts is tempered by the fact that his unit is a mix of troopers, some independent mercenaries, while others are loyal Dingoes troopers. The unit all needs experience working together before they can be considered a capable military force in the field.

In early-3043, the combined Command Council voted to promote all three of the primary mercenary battalions to full Lieutenant Colonel status, and make them (or their proxies) part of the revised leadership of the united Command Council moving forward.

Lieutenant Colonel “Jolly” Roger Galligan

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