Major Linda Chung "Amber"


Major Linda Chung “Amber” is a talented mercenary Mech pilot who was originally hired to lead the newest portion of Sangrian Army Command’s Battlemech branch. She has since swiftly risen to a position of command, and is now the lead officer of the 1st Armored Cavalry Battalion “Big Red One”, and commands an ON1-K Orion.

Although primarily a Mech jockey, Amber has become more than just an Elite Mech Pilot NPC, having developed her talent for Leadership, Computers and Logistics during her tenure with the national military, mostly by necessity. She is also noted a very talented Martial Artist and marksman with small arms.



Brought to System – Dumassas in late-3020 as a dispossessed Mech pilot, Amber was offered a “ride”, and the opportunity to train a developing portion of the nation’s military, its BattleMech branch. She did her task well enough, but was quickly caught up in the civil disorder in 3021 and the following years.

In late-3025, the unit was repatriated from its position in Garza’s Legion, and assumed a position as a Major in the national army, in command of the 1st Armored Cavalry Battalion “Big Red One”. While most among her unit are unsure of her exact loyalties, none dispute her talent at armored tactics, or the vision she holds for her command’s future.

In early-3031, the unit was upgraded with Jabali “Wild Boar” MBTs, replacing their ancient Scorpion and Vedette tanks, and its forces equipped to Dumassas (Advanced) Infantry Field Kit standards for its troops. In mid-3032, it expanded further with the inclusion of a complete company of BattleMechs, and the unit was given twelve (12) newly-trained pilots from * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences. Its existing lance of FLE-4 Fleas were then added to its armored company as a scout force.

Unable to find proper AeroSpace assets, the unit was given the opportunity to expand in 3036-7, rather than create a second armored force. The battalion gained a second Jabali “Wild Boar” MBT company, and transferred various assets to create a Trooper Flea lance in each armored Cav company. A number of privately-acquired light Mechs were then added to make a proper scouting lance for the unit.

Today Amber is the leading advocate for expansion of the battalion to include dedicated AeroSpace assets, both AeroFighters and a handful of transports, which would make the unit doubly unique as it moves forward in the defense of its nation.

Major Linda Chung "Amber"

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