Lord Administrator Raven Malak


“There’s nobody left who remembers who I was before. But they’ll remember Malak. I’ll make sure of that.”

Lord Administrator Raven Malak is the CEO of Star Forge Yards, and the administrative ruler of System – Star Forge. A life-long employee of Excalibur Corporation, he was installed into the position as its leader in 3030, and is considered instrumental behind the lead-up to establishing its creation.

A talented and skilled bureaucrat, Malak is most noted for his understanding of Bureaucracy, Computers and many of the under-lying philosophies of astrophysics. He is more feared than liked, however, as he is as ruthless as he is intelligent, and doesn’t just follow the “Excalibur Code”, he lives it, and expects everyone around him to follow his example.


Born and raised to be a Excalibur executive, Malak is from a forgettable independent mining village on System – Tarsus and was raised among the Red Banders of that world. He eventually managed to enter the local collecge, and eventually secured a position within the company, but his past as an "Independent"_ haunted his early career, restricting opportunities and generally holding him back.

Few are aware of what changed, but suddenly he became a star on the rise. Securing a position among management in SpaceTek, he rose steadily and consistently, eventually securing funds to begin the project now known as Star Forge Yards, a task which took the better part of nearly two decades to establish.

Today, as ruler of an entire corporate system and its supporting industries and personnel, he has become one of the most powerful corporate officers in the company, and his ambition does not yet seem complete; Malak does not think small or simple.

Lord Administrator Raven Malak

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