Engineer Mankheerharhallian "Mank"

Lead Engineer of the "Brazen Rover"


Engineer Mankheerharhallian, or simply “Mank” to most everyone, is a fairly young engineer raised and educated under the aegis of * “The Dingo Cub Scouts”, and assigned as the lead engineer of the Brazen Rover.

Many would call her pretty, but she is perpetually covered in dust and grease from the ship’s systems and has little time to look presentable in the traditional sense. While little is known about her past, she seems a neat, self-possessed individual who is zealous in the pursuit of her duties.

Mank and Aelis Eocha, one her fellow engineers, seem involved in an intense love/hate relationship with each other that is mutual, raining insults and compliments at each other, and spending most of their free time together.

Mank is often found in the engineering section checking status updates and tweaking the ship’s components, and is respected by her entire crew. While technically an officer, she spends little time giving orders, rather simply assigning tasks to others and dealing with the biggest headaches that need attention in engineering.


Little is known about Mank, though she seems to have experience operating on other vessels in * “The Iron Dingoes” commercial fleet.

Engineer Mankheerharhallian "Mank"

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