Manuel Serrate

The most interesting man in Dumassas


Manuel Serrate is the leader of the Gaucho Ranchers’ Organization, and by far, the richest and most powerful landowner in The District of Garcia. He is known as a skilled horseman, a talented marksman, and well-trained in the traditional weapon of his people; the Bola.


Born to a wealthy family of ranchers, Manuel Serrate has only consolidated his family’s wealth and position, and is a driving force behind the maintenance of the national military in the province. In point of fact, he helped The Industrialist’s League fund 4th Infantry (Motorized) Battalion, Sangrian Armed Forces – “Garrison’s Own”, as a thorn in the side of the former Guardia Civilia – Garcia, which he despised.

He is married to a beautiful and talented young woman, who was once a member of the Sangrian national military, Eléna (De La Vega) Serrate. In addition to their young son Joaquin, he also has three older sons from a previous marriage, all of whom run their own smaller ranches on the edges of his lands. His family has held these extensive lands for upwards of 130 years.

Manuel Serrate

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