MechWarrior Marcus "Backdraft" Matsumoto

Brash Young Pilot


A Draconis Combine ex-patriot, MechWarrior Matsumoto was a young pilot forced into the life of a mercenary. He was a Regular MechWarrior, with an over-abundance of love towards burning things, easily accomplished in his family’s ancient FS9-H Firestarter, which he had had customised to resemble one of the original FS9 models, the FS9-A.

He served in the Line of * “The Dire Dingoes” using a company AWS-8Q Awesome.


He initially began service under a “Leash Contract” with * “The Iron Dingoes” aboard a company Mech in their Line force. This has since been converted into a full contract position.

He was promoted to Trooper following the combat on the plains outside Tashport, to claim the “Kiss of Death” in late-September, 3025. He was promoted to full MechWarrior following the unit’s extended campaigns in the 4th Succession War and a pirate raid into the Periphery, in mid-3031.

He died along with most of his companions during operations in the War of 3039 on Elidere IV when the Line forces were attacked by the 9th and 10th Ghost Regiments.

MechWarrior Marcus "Backdraft" Matsumoto

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