MechWarrior Marcus "Backdraft" Matsumoto

Brash Young Pilot


A Draconis Combine ex-patriot, MechWarrior Matsumoto is a young pilot forced into the life of a mercenary. He is a Regular MechWarrior, with an over-abundance of love towards burning things, easily accomplished in his family’s ancient FS9-H Firestarter, which he has had customised to resemble one of the original FS9 models, the FS9-A.

He presently serves in the Line of * “The Iron Dingoes” using a company AWS-8Q Awesome.


He initially began service under a “Leash Contract” with * “The Iron Dingoes” aboard a company Mech in their Line force. This has since been converted into a full contract position.

He was promoted to Trooper following the combat on the plains outside Tashport, to claim the “Kiss of Death” in late-September, 3025. He was promoted to full MechWarrior following the unit’s extended campaigns in the 4th Succession War and a pirate raid into the Periphery, in mid-3031.

MechWarrior Marcus "Backdraft" Matsumoto

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