Mary Aurora

Aurora Faction Technopriest


The leading “Technopriest” with an eccentric appearance, Mary Aurora seems to live in a world of her own. She was clearly very fond of and admired her clan’s warlord, Sean Biter, and always tried hard not to disappoint him. She is intrigued by * “The Iron Dingoes” knowledge of pre-Exodus technology and quickly warmed to their control over the Aurora Faction domes and nearby Aurora Landing.

While unusual and somewhat unearthly during most people’s first encounters, she quickly proves her intelligence and knowledge of technical matters, particularly if presented with problems of physics and chemistry. A tactical thinker, she represents her powerful faction from within, and supports the war leaders of her clan through improving their capabilities and maintaining their army of soldiers. Ultimately, however, she is more concerned with the well-being of her clan and their future than any war leader, and is well-respected, even by the soldiers.

While most people see the leadership of the clan being its war leaders, and in many ways they are, the Technical Caste actually determines most of the day-to-day matters of the clans, and are constantly consulted for their knowledge of the clan’s abilities to wage war and survive on their hostile world. In many ways, the technopriests actually run System – Goria, ensuring the clan’s resources are managed, that weapons are made, and that the life support systems and water purifiers are operational. Warlords may lead, but the techs manage.



Mary Aurora was born and raised within the Aurora Faction dome of Goria, having lived in and around the domes her entire life. Of all the techs of the dome, she is well-acquainted with Aurora Landing and the various support facilities of the Aurora Faction dome’s systems. She secretly leads her clan from behind the scenes, and supports the official war-leader of her clan to ensure the clan’s survival and prosperity.

In 3036, she married Governor (Major) Frank Castle, and soon had a daughter, named Scintilla. Two years later (3039) she also had a son named Gram. As the technical caste leader of the Aurora Faction, she continues to lead a large conglomerate of various faction domes technicians, and is the driving force behind their efforts to unite the planet’s people into a single society. She is supported by her husband, who ensures she has access to training, supplies and modern technology to bring this dream about, and remains hopeful for the future of her people and her children.

Mary Aurora

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