Master Tech Grant Brown

Mercenary Master Mechanic


Master Tech Grant Brown has few skills or interests outside his experience of vehicle maintenance and repair. He is a Veteran NPC Vehicle Tech.

Master Tech Brown has taken a lead in organizing the Dingoes growing number of mechanics, and is seen by many of them as their lead Tech. He personally leads his own squad in the Field Supply Technical Group of the “Dingo Pack”, but is considered the master of the “Motor Pool” regarding the unit’s growing collection of vehicles.

Senior Tech Krista Breslin “BT” has recently been placed under his command, and she oversees the civilian driver assets available to the unit.


Master Tech Grant Brown, was formerly the chief technician serving at the Consolidated Foods Corporation research plant near Deadwood. He is assisted by a pair of young lads who act as his apprentices, whom he often refers to as his nephews. The trio spend their hours assisting in maintaining the growing fleet of vehicles owned by the Iron Dingoes. He has taken to assisting Tech Keiko Ishikawa in training youth of the unit in technical matters.

Master Tech Brown took service with the Dingoes, when they sacked the research facility he was stationed at, and enthusiastically views this as a nice change of pace from the dull routines of garrison repair work. He is hoping to learn a few things outside his normal experience. He leads the Field Supply Technical Group of the “Dingo Pack”, taking personal charge of arming and armament distribution when in the field; his remaining time is spent maintaining the large collection of vehicles of all sorts, that the Dingoes have acquired.

Master Tech Grant Brown

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