Master Tech Thadeus Marakov

Senior MechTech NCO


Thadeus Marakov is a Veteran Tech NPC.

Thadeus suffers from radiation sickness, dating to his recent year in the “Danger Zone” of the Pilpala Prison Complex, and has some good and some bad days. Nevertheless, moves onwards, trying to give what he can.

Thadeus is lead tech in the “Dingo Pack”, equivalent to a Sergeant Major in many other units. He leads his own squad in the Field Salvage Technical Group, often taking his lead from “Fixer” and “Glamour” regarding priorities. He often takes the lead in organizing the DropShips for last minute loading and storage, as well.


The oldest Tech in the unit, one who has spent his life in the unit’s support services as a Technorat and general cargo handler. He worked as a senior member of the 3rd Marik Militia’s technicians, often acting as overseer of many of its logistics members. He was the senior Technician assigned to the 13th Provisional Company. He is the older brother of Senior Tech Joseph Marakov, and the two are quite close.

Thadeus is good at handling many of the machines and equipment used in technical operations, such as crane trucks and repair platforms. He is also an expert at cargo handling and loading operations, from his years in packing the unit’s supplies and vehicles. He is a big, muscular, cheerful man even at the advanced age of 60. He speaks very little English, using Polish as his primary language. He responds to any difficult English question with a “Yez, Ho-Kay!”.

His weakness is alcohol. While he is rarely incapacitated when working, on occasion he can get roaring drunk, and might have a problem dealing with responsibilities he needs to fulfill. Given the chance, he will set-up an ethanol still in a storeroom or engineering deck and turn-out potent homebrew for anyone who asks. He always keeps a few bottles handy somewhere, and this resource has proven useful in discussions with civilians when supplies of one sort or another were needed.

Thadeus has a slight tendency to reminisce about former trips and long-ago battles. Especially when deep in his cups. His primary motivation, is to challenge himself against the task at hand; whether that be packing a dropship for transit, or trying to figure-out how to replace a Mech’s AC/10 with a PPC. While not as technically good as his brother, his experience has given him a knowledge of Mech and Aero systems and various dropship cargo requirements, that no one else in the unit has.

Thadeus serves as lead tech to Major Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin”, spending his free time in maintaining the CO’s Mech and its systems. Although often busy dealing with overseeing the various other teams in the Field Salvage Technical Group, he is very capable and has built a good crew to look after his leader’s Mech, whatever its rating. Despite communication difficulties, he gets along well with the Major.

Master Tech Thadeus Marakov

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