Master Trooper Grant Burke "Sabre"

Former leader of the Bulldog Mercenary Company, Senior Non-Com of Cerberus Command


A veteran of numerous border conflicts and several years of service in House Davion’s Sindar RCT, Master Trooper Grant “Sabre” Burke is the lead non-com in the Cerberus Command infantry forces.

“Sabre” is a Veteran Infantry NPC. He serves in Lieutenant SG Walker McGuires personal security squad, acting as trainer for most new recruits to the unit.


Master Trooper Grant Burke or “Sabre” is a popular member of the Cerberus Command force, a former Master Sergeant and skilled leader of the “Bulldog Mercenary Company”. “Sabre” formed his small command of two Goblin IFVs from the remnants of a group of veteran security personnel seeking employment off-world. He has quickly risen to gain the respect of the troopers of Cerberus Command, and leads the unit as its senior non-commissioned officer.

Himself a veteran of various conflicts across the fringes of Capellan space, “Sabre” is a skilled non-com, with years of experience and has proven a capable leader among Cerberus Command’s troopers. Perhaps overly serious at all times, he holds to the adage that knowledge is the most important virtue for a soldier to have. Quick to think on his feet, he spares no one, whatever their rank, with his unbridled opinion, and although having respect for a senior officer’s rank, he doesn’t display such respect unless they serve alongside him. His aggressive nature makes him seek to toughen men through experience and hard work; flash programs and academy lessons don’t teach you about war unless you’re hip-deep in the fighting.

Master Trooper Grant Burke "Sabre"

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