President Albertina Diego

Governor of the Garcia District


Albertina Diego is the former mayor of Ciudad Garcia, the capital of The District of Garcia, and was then elected to governor of the district for two terms. In 3032, she won the position as president of The New Republic of Sangria, notably as the first female president of that nation.

Gracious, charming, witty, shrewd, and resourceful, Mayor Diego is an eloquent and inspiring public speaker. Diego is a Veteran Politician NPC. She is also a talented singer, dancer, and actress. Noted as being highly scrupulous, and the center of “feminine perfection” in the district, she has the hearts of many of her citizens.

President Albertina Diego is a lot tougher than she looks, and is loved and highly respected by her community, including the region’s Industrialists. She has helped many refugees from San Marcos, and is the mastermind behind the rebuilding efforts of the city’s Industrial Sector. During the so-called “First Fire” invasion, she was in the midst of the defensive efforts, directing firefighters and volunteers in the streets.

She has never married, but is known to openly carouse with prominent businessmen, and local actors and radio stars. She has never expressed a desire to formally marry, often claiming “…my people are my children. We have orphans enough in need of mothers…”.


Almost nothing is known about Governor Diego’s early life. She was reputedly born in a ranch-house south of Ciudad Garcia, and grew up in the ranches around Gaucho, where her father was a noted cowboy with his own small spread. She and her brothers were raised in relative isolation.

She eventually moved to Ciudad Garcia, having heard about the town as “paradise”, seeking to escape her poverty-ridden life at the age of fifteen (15). She pursued jobs in radio and on stage, bleaching her naturally black hair blonde and taking up with anyone to get ahead in her career. Her skills and natural beauty eventually led to successful modelling career, and local fame as a leader in the social circles of importance.

In 3009, at the age of twenty-five (25), she was present in the city, during the horrible earthquake that shook the region. She used her position to rally the locals in relief efforts, and worked hard in galas as a focal figure in the growing “union” movement. Her fame as a philanthropist and beloved figure grew, and she was noted as a prominent person in local politics, that eventually led to her leading a movement in improving women’s rights in the region, and nation as a whole. Her skills as a public speaker were especially noteworthy during these times, and are fondly remembered by all.

Her fame eventually led to her arrest in 3012 (at the age of 28) by the Content Not Found: guardia-civlia, and brief incarceration in its prisons. Public outcry against her arrest led to riots and unrest, and an official pardon by the Sangrian National government two months later. She was active in district politics, leading various rallies for reform, and eventually was placed as the leader of the Women’s Relief Society, which organized construction workers in rebuilding efforts, industrialists in donating ironmongery and food for the needy, and foreign medical supplies.

Within a year, she was pushed by the industrialists to run for local office, and took the position of mayor in a landslide victory. At the age of 29, she began serious reforms within days of her position at the head of the city government, and for the last decade has brought prosperity and wealth to the district, in the form of off-world investment and work reforms. She seems to have no intentions to stop her efforts to help “her people” anytime in the future.

In May of 3021 (at age 37), she led the government reforms in the district, to include over-throwing the corrupt government and police forces of the region. Backed closely by The Industrialist’s League, she has since reorganized the local police forces into the Policia Federales, and turned full-time protection of the new nation’s borders over to the 4th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “Garcia’s Own”.

In early 3023, then Mayor Diego amalgamated the old government structures of the previous district into her own district political organization, assuming the party title SPG, or “Sangrian Provisional Government”. Immense land reforms have opened large swaths of formerly private land to colonization efforts by refugee families (primarily from San Marcos ), but have also increased demands on the long-term water and electrical infrastructure, particularly in the already difficult rural areas that they are settling. She is presently working with The Industrialist’s League to alleviate these national concerns. She has also expressed a need for the government to focus more on education and the district’s infrastructure.


Governor Diego, 3024 Election Victory Speech

In late-August, 3024, she was elected as the first female Governor of The District of Garcia, and formally joined with several other districts to form The New Republic of Sangria, though they were immediately beset with an attempted invasion of The District of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina by The National Legionary Tragnar. She and her new council of governors convened and employed * “The Iron Dingoes” in a retaliatory raid, and began setting some long-term goals for the military and government unification of the districts.

In 3028, she ran and won the governorship once more, under a focus of educational development of the district, primarily focusing on college reform and the trades.

In 3032, as many expected, she ran for (and won) the position of president of The New Republic of Sangria and as the leader of the Law and Order Party, though did so in a very low-key manner. Her control of the vote in the Garcia and Guaviare districts was assured, and she did surprisingly well in Antiquia, with a great deal of support from industrial leaders. She won with a clear majority, but was quick to give over important concessions to her rivals, and concentrated on developing the infrastructure connecting Garcia and its neighbors, Huartzek and Corazón, into the rest of the nation.

She won again in 3037, followed by a third term starting in 3042. Her focus has remained infrastructure, including educational initiatives, continued work on the Camino Muertos and a rail-link connecting all districts of the nation, as well as San Isabel. Her efforts to brings several small border regions to the south into the nation as territories have also propelled the nation’s resource-base, and made it one of the only nations on Terramatrix to expand through peaceful assimilation, rather than military conquest.


Governor Diego, 3047 Election Victory Speech

Her latest term began in 3047, though she has sparked rumors of her potential retirement once the Planetary Unity Proposal kicks into effect in the early-3050s, and the potential of The Commonwealth of Nations has become a reality.

President Albertina Diego

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