Master Trooper Dale Taylor "Solitaire"

Former member of the "Panther Strike" Gang


Former periphery bandit of the “Panther Strike” Gang, and pilot of a battered and worn COM-2D Commando. As the most senior member of the Reserve Unit “Dead Man’s Hand”, she has earned the title of Master Trooper. She is a Regular NPC Mech Pilot, but also a Regular MechTech.

Solitaire pilots her COM-2D Commando named “Hank”, which she exclusively does technical work on. While operating on patrol, or in defense of Dingoes assets, Dale pilots a OTL-4D Ostsol from the unit reserves. She has also gained position as the lead trooper of a lance within the Dead Man’s Hand, though she typically takes her lead from “Pockets”.


Petite and unassuming, Solitaire is typical for a periphery “grunt”. Born to a periphery bandit, and raised as a Techrat, she worked her way into pilot status through simple attrition; no one else knew how to pilot the thing. She accompanied “Wild” Bill on his raid on Claybrooke and survived by staying close to him and getting out fast… which was no mean feat in a slow, non-jump-capable Commando. She followed “Wild” Bill as leader, simply because there was no other way to ensure survival, and he did keep them together through the worst. Dale came into the Iron Dingoes aegis when she survived their seizure of the Bolton Gang’s assets, and has proven a loyal and willing follower.

Beyond her skills as a technician, few know much about this young pilot. Solitaire is fairly good as a pilot, and this is mostly due to her knowledge of the Commando’s systems. She is the sole reason it has stayed in as good a shape as it has over the past couple years. She serves in the Reserve Unit of the Iron Dingoes gladly, as they recently rebuilt her beloved “Hank”, and have promised to get her into some “big time” mercenary action.

The technical lead for the Reserve Unit, * “The Dead Man’s Hand”, she has position, though tries to avoid any sort of leadership or other command in the group. She has proven to be liked by every pilot assigned to the Dead Man’s Hand.

Master Trooper Dale Taylor "Solitaire"

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