MechWarrior Marina Kaiji

Youngest pilot of the "Wraiths" Stable


MechWarrior Marina Kaiji is the youngest of the Kaiji sisters, and noted as something of a daredevil and risk-taker in combat. She is also the most vocal and the most likely to be seen out-and-about in town, hopping from bar to bar and dancing all night at a nightclub.

She regularly pilots her highly modified PNT-9R Panther, known as the “Electro-Katana”, which is painted a vivid neon color set with bright neon LEDs in key locations. She is also known to wield a massive construct of armor made from the limb of a fallen Wasp, wielded like a massive dai-katana.

Kaiji is a Veteran Mech Pilot NPC. She serves in the Mech Stable – “The Wraiths”, out of Salager’s Arena.

MechWarrior Marina Kaiji

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