MechWarrior Yuki Kaiji

Lead Pilot of the "Wraiths" Mech Stable


MechWarrior Yuki Kaiji is the elder sister of the Kaiji clan, serving in the Mech Stable – “The Wraiths”. More of a quiet and thoughtful pilot than her brash younger sister, she is also the best pilot in most of the local stables. A noted Elite Mech Pilot NPC, Yuki is known for visiting the same pubs and nightclubs as her sister, but does so to observe her potential enemies and gauge their will. In every way, she is the mark of a true samurai in a foreign land.

Yuki pilots a fairly standard DRG-1N Dragon, though she is known to alter the weapons-load depending on any information (public or private) regarding aspects of her opponents. Called “Black-Flame”, the Mech is known to usually have flamers and a PPC as its primary weapons, usually painted in the traditional black and red of her homeland’s national colors.

MechWarrior Yuki Kaiji

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