Captain Michael Anderson "Fixer"

Supprt Tech of House Marik : Unit S-7 (Technical and AsTech)


The Unit S-7 (Technical and AsTech), “Fixer” is quite young for a unit officer and pilot, but his natural skills as a technician are surpassed by no one else in the unit. He has little experience in command, however, and tends to get lost dealing with personal projects and his fascination for technology can over-ride his common sense. Still rather green as a pilot, he takes direction well, and has become rather fond of his BattleMech, particularly its firepower and survivability.

Fixer now pilots a modified CPLT-C1 Catapult, which is constantly being used as a test-bed for his latest modifications. His old Crab and Ostsol have been passed down to the Reserves. Tech Kirby Scott is his lead AsTech, and assists in daily maintenance of his Mech.


STR: 3 BOD: 4
RFL: 4 DEX: 4
INT: 7 WIL: 3
CHA: 3 EDG: 2


Fast Learner
Tech Empathy
Handicap/Poor Immune System
Natural Aptitude/Electronics


Language: 4+1 Cryptography: 1+1
Perception: 0+1 Protocol/Free Worlds: 0-1
Computers: 3+1 Technician/Aero: 2+1
Tech/Electronics: 5+1 Tech/Jets: 1+1
Tech/Mechanics: 4+1 Tech/Myomer: 2+1
Tech/Nuclear: 2+1 Tech/Weapons: 2+1
Stealth: 0+1 Career/Technician: 1+1
Interest/Inventing: 1+1 Gunnery/Mech: 3
Science/Chemistry: 0+1 Sci/Physics: 1+1
Sci/Mathamatics: 0+1 Training: 1
Running: 0 Communications/Conventional: 1+1
Pilot/Mech: 2 Security/Electronic: 3+1
Sensor Operations: 0+1 Small Arms: 0
Zero-g Operations: 0


As mentioned, Fixer is very fond of tinkering with new technology and trying to see how things work. In any other unit, he would likely have found a home in one of the technical institutions as a lab assistant, but he has become a Mech pilot to survive. He’s proving to be very understanding of how to “technically” pilot a Mech.

His personal projects include trying to design and build a “Mech-Fu” staff or blade for inclusion on unit Mechs (known in the unit as a “Bone”), trying to improve the battery charge on the military power packs in the unit armory, and increasing the range on his lasers. He also has plans to design “the ultimate BattleMech”, and has started by converting a pair of salvaged DVM-3 MiningMechs into unit “SalvageMechs” as a test project. Reports are, they have been very nice addition to the salvage teams, so Fixer seems to be on track in his plans.

As the Unit S-7 (Technical and AsTech) officer, Fixer organizes many of the maintenance routines and assigns priority to post-battle repairs, often with the assistance of Glamour. He works closely with her in planning modifications to unit Mechs, and has started working closely with the senior members of the unit technical staff, primarily Lieutenant SG Thadeus Marakov and his brother Master Tech Joseph Marakov. Since the unit has a voracious appetite towards salvage, scavenging armor, munitions and other supplies is a large part of any post-battle activities, and a key factor in negotiations for new contracts.

In late-3023, Fixer was promoted to full Captain, as a reflection of his position in the Command Council, and given full command over the techs of the unit.

During the unit’s raid against the Bloody Reavers on System – Tashrakaar in late-September 3025, he lost his Mech from catastrophic damage in the later stages of the fight, as well as some personal injury.

Captain Michael Anderson "Fixer"

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