Duke Michael Hasek-Davion

March Lord of the Capellan March


Michael Hasek-Davion (born 2985) Early thirty-first century House Davion nobleman and March Lord of the Capellan March. As March Lord, he resided in System – New Syrtis.

He was an ambitious and cunning politician, who secretly plotted to take the throne of the Federated Suns for himself. He was the arch rival to Hanse Davion during the first part of his reign as First Prince.


Son of Duke George Hasek I, Michael had tried to live up to his father’s ambitious shadow after his death. He served as an officer with Syrtis Fusiliers in his late twenties, until he lost his hand in battle with a Capellan BattleMaster. He was ejected from his Marauder into a lake, where he nearly drowned; he suffered a severe injury to his left hand from the ejection. His left hand was amputated and replaced by a bionic replacement. This event left him psychologically scarred with the fear of large bodies of water and BattleMasters.

After his career with the Fusiliers ended, he continued to build on his father’s political power building, and married Marie Davion-St. Claire in 3003. This put him into succession to the throne of the Federated Suns. He added the Davion name to his own to add more political clout. His marriage resulted in one son with Marie, Morgan Hasek-Davion. He also had his younger sister, Rebecca change her last name. He trusted his sister to stand-in for him as Minister of the Capellan March since he was uninterested in the role.

After the death of his father in 3013, Michael became Duke of New Syrtis and Field Marshal of the Capellan March. He immediately attempted to usurp Hanse Davion’s authority. He considered the Capellan March his own private realm, which he felt Hanse was attempting to take away. At the time of the Third Succession War, the Capellan March was considered bigger than the Capellan Confederation. With a military command consisting of over 12 Regimental Combat Teams, Michael believed he was invincible.

On February 14th, during a private attempt to bring peace to the on-going 4th Succession War, he was brutally executed by Justin Allard, a former Federated Suns citizen, and agent of the Chancellor. His body was returned later in the month by neutral ComStar agents, and his son, Morgan Hasek-Davion succeeded him.

Duke Michael Hasek-Davion

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