Milo Carsebloom

Wealthy Andurien Industrialist


A civilian industrialist, Milo Carsebloom is considered the mind behind the sudden development of the Black Hills region of System – Claybrooke into an industrial center for military goods. His company Carse Technologies Corporation (CTC) was the primary financial backer and manager responsible for the expansion of the foundries in Deadwood, and it is rumored he personally oversaw the development of several lines of manufactured goods for potential export.

He has since expanded across the local constellation, and financially backed the Andurien government in its bid for reclaiming numerous worlds from the weakened Capellan Confederation, following the Fourth Succession War.

Milo Carsebloom is not a combatant, and is considered a Regular NPC Tech, though a Veteran NPC Corporate Officer.

He has a daughter, Rivoche who works closely with him and is slated to take over the company when he retires. His son, Johnathon a MechWarrior, died in the recent 3030 conflict against the Capellan Confederation.


Milo Carsebloom is from The Duchy of Andurien by birth, and made his company and fortunes through the re-building of ruined industrial sites into viable enterprises using local resources and infrastructure to maximize profits. His company, the CTC, came to Claybrooke to invest in new equipment and update the foundries in its remaining mining town of Deadwood. Backing local Deadwood Industries with finance and using the CTC’s construction skills to salvage the remaining industries in the region to rebuild the foundries into viable factories was highly profitable. In the early 3010s, Deadwood began exporting the Deadwood Special “Metal Storm” Light Support Machine Gun, that was increasingly popular with the planetary militias, and as an off-world export; primarily to Carsebloom’s homeworld of Andurien.

With the burgeoning success of Deadwood Industries, it was rumored Carsebloom was moving his operations off-world to another site that had his interest, though the specifics of this were kept very quiet and it has been denied openly by his PR department, that CTC was expanding to a new market.

In the early winter of 3016, * “The Iron Dingoes”, following a tip from their contacts, raided Carsebloom’s private munitions train in Profit Pass, capturing him and several of his senior staff in the process. From the train they looted numerous arms, including the newly built Long Toms 3s, now known as the Kate/Leopold Support Vehicle, all intended to arm the growing Junta of Lieutenant Colonel Carla “Razor” Chestine in New Denver. From the information netted in that raid, it became apparent that Carsebloom was arming the local planetary militia, and was indeed moving off-world, bringing with him the blueprints, tools and dies of his recent work in Deadwood. It seemed that he knew there was a coming storm and wanted to be away from harm when it hit.

In early-3018, the Iron Dingoes again contacted Carsebloom, asking him to weaponize some Uranium-238 ore the unit had acquired, in exchange for a ton of the same material. He agreed, and the unit dispatched “The Iron Vagabond” and “Betty” on a year-long trip from System – Dumassas to Andurien and back again. They succeeded in the endeavor, notably due to the skills of both the navigational crew aboard the Vagabond, and the sheer bravado of Captain Frank Elgyn and his veteran smuggling crew returning with ten (10) W-85 Nuclear Warheads.

With his company’s backing of the bid for Andurien expansion, he was able to expand his company further across the local constellation, and was often seen in the councils of its corporate backers, gaining numerous contracts for resource management and production of goods. With the collapse of Andurien’s war against a weakened Confederation, as well as his own son’s death in the invasion, however, his future is in question.

Milo Carsebloom

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