Lieutenant JG Molly Ishikawa

Dependent of Tech Keiko Ishikawa


Lt JG Molly Ishikawa is still no longer a child, dependent upon her mother Master Tech Keiko Ishikawa for support and survival. She showed early talents for drawing and choosing pleasant color combinations, hinting at an artist’s soul. She has taken a keen interest in her cultural past, and is quite proficient at the Japanese arts of Ikebana and Tea Ceremony. She has displayed an affinity in gardening and plants while still young, often found quietly reading among the crops in The Factory – Hydroponics Facility.

Molly has since been promoted from the standard program of the * “The Dingo Cub Scouts” program at the age of thirteen (13), and was attached to * “The Werewolves” as a Shadow Recruit. It has been said that her skill in martial arts has proven exemplary, especially considering her young age, and that as the oldest student in the existing Dingoes educational system, shows the ability of the program to turn a child into the best possible hope for the unit’s future.

Instrumental in the development of the Dingoes own heavy infantry formation, the 1st War Hounds “The Dogs of War”, she has grown to have the complete trust of Viper, and operates largely independent, though under the overall command of her mentor. Many claim she is utterly the Dingoes creature, and that her loyalty goes above and beyond what many might consider typical. Those she trains are also influenced by this, and she retains something of a small cult following in these regards.


Born in 3015 aboard a Comstar Invader-Class JumpShip during a pirate raid, she lost her father in the same incident. She is dearly loved by her mother, and was a popular sight around “The Factory” while she lived there. “Growing like a weed” is the common appellation regarding Molly.

In early-3028, at the tender age of thirteen (13), she graduated from the * “The Dingo Cub Scouts” program and was promoted into a Shadow Recruit position with * “The Werewolves”. It is believed she is serving Dame Modesty Scrope “Viper” directly.

It should be noted, Molly took the 3029 death of Wraith very hard.

In late-3031, Molly took a more direct role in the operations of * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”, travelling widely on behalf of Dame Scrope, and actively becoming involved in recruitment efforts for the unit’s newest incarnation, the 1st War Hounds “The Dogs of War”. She was said to have very exacting demands and criteria for such work. She continues to operate as Viper’s personal assistant in this arm, and has a heavy influence on its day-to-day operations.

Lieutenant JG Molly Ishikawa

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