Recruit Monica Vansen


Recruit Monica Vansen has been around the BattleMechs of * “The Iron Dingoes” her entire life. She has a good understanding of many of the demands of the role of support personnel, and has developed many logistical and technical skills, even before joining the student creche attached to the roving soldiers and techs of the Iron Dingoes.

Today, she has many of the required skills of a technician, and is continuing to expand on these skills with a remarkable grasp of small arms accuracy and tactics. Her instructors have noted her perfectionist attitude, and her hobbies include poetry and music. She could be considered a Green BattleMech Technician NPC, though she has the aptitude to be more.


Born in 3017 to Tech Anna Vansen, Recruit Monica Vansen was the first child born under the Iron Dingoes mandate, and has been carefully guided her entire life in the Iron Dingoes to be a member of the unit one day. She has not disappointed.

She grew up around BattleMechs, quite literally as she was virtually tethered to her mother for all of her childhood. She quickly took to the * “The Dingo Cub Scouts” program, and has been seen as one of its most promising students. In 3030, she transferred from ship-board life and took a position in the Iron Dingoes Military Academy, beginning a formal route towards her position as an officer in the military force of her family.

Recruit Monica Vansen

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