Archbishop Olalla Oliveros

Head of the Order of Santa Rosa


Archbishop Olalla Oliveros is the head of the Order of Santa Rosa, based in the isolated village of Miguel, though she still much prefers to be known simply as “Mother” than Archbishop among those close to her and among her followers. A former model, she rose to local prominence, by retiring to a life of simple, bucolic existence in this quiet tourist village. She quickly led the Order to improve its image, educate not only the locals, but the nuns as well, and has developed several programs to assist her citizen members gain a modern education.

Archbishop Oliveros is a Veteran Administrative NPC, with experience in Education, Finance and Fashion.

She and the Order of Santa Rosa are considered the leading spiritual guides in both * Iron Dingoes Autonomous District (IDAD) and across The District of Garcia.



The Order of Santa Rosa

Olalla Oliveros was born to wealthy parents from Ciudad Garcia, and went to school specializing in Administration and Finance. At the local college, she was noticed and began work in the Fashion industry, becoming very popular and wealthy in her own right. However, she underwent some sort of religious experience, that she has described as an “earthquake” experience that led her to seriously judge her own values.

Now, in her mid-forties, she has risen to lead her Order, giving them hope and reforming their finances and educational nature. Indeed, she has helped get many of the local sisters degrees in agriculture and education, which has, in turn, led to a revolution in the Order in their efforts to bring prosperity to the region.

In the first decade of the Dingoes prominence, she and the Order had an increasing influence among the young families of the various landholds of the Iron Dingoes, particularly among its settlers from foreign lands who have continued to look to the church for guidance. The Order also maintains a large monastery and extensive influence in Villa de Sabat and the surrounding region, as well as an ancillary cathedrals in Mercado and Maria. The political capital of this influence is just now beginning to be monetized.

In her tenure as the leading member of her order, she has performed numerous high-profile marriages among the members of the Iron Dingoes, including Lord (Major) Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin” to Lady (Major) Heather Jemmas, and Major Erika Hartmann “Glamour” to her husband Captain Massimo De Luca “Advocate”. Many among the Iron Dingoes have grown to see her as the spiritual head of the unit in many ways, and they have invested large sums of personal funds to the Order in efforts to improve their educational activities.

In late-3034, after years of hard work to unite the people of her faith within the * Iron Dingoes Autonomous District (IDAD), the Roman Catholic Church voted to create the “Diócesis de Santa Rosa en Sangria”, naming Mother Oliveros its “Archbishop”, and dividing the holding from existing territories. The church in Miguel was designated its leading cathedral, though other important structures include the churches in Maria, Mercado and Villa de Sabat. She and her Order continue to try and educate the citizens under their influence, and politically unite them behind the continuing efforts of the Iron Dingoes.

As the influence of IDAD has grown, particularly during the last decade (3040s), the local Catholic Faith has remained a key part of the region’s social development, and both openly supports the present IDAD government, as well as increasingly reaching out into the surrounding constellation. The sisters of the Order of Santa Rosa are noted for their missionary zeal, and are a common encounter among off-world transports as they bring their Order out into the stars.

Archbishop Olalla Oliveros

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