Doctor Max Helmut "Moxie"

Cybernetics Scientist


Doctor Max Helmut is a young, but capable scientist who serves as a research leader in the Iron Dingoes R&D division. Untested, but skilled and capable, he fills a niche lacking in the unit’s plans.


Str: 2 Body: 3 Ref:4 Dex: 4 Int:10 Wil:7 Cha:4 Edg:3


Fast Learner, Patient, Animal Empathy, Exceptional Attributes (Int)
Introvert, Thin Skinned, Glass Jaw


Administration: 4
Animal Handling: 4
Appraisal: 3
Art/ Writer: 3
Career/ Scientist: 7
Computers: 4
Cryptography: 3
Interests/ Computers AI: 5 Aquaponics: 3 Cooking: 2
Investigation/ Research: 5
Languages/ German: 4 English: 3 French: 2 Spanish: 2
Leadership: 3
MedTech/ General: 5 Vet: 3
Negotiation: 3
Perception: 3
Protocols/ Steiner: 2 University: 4 Sangria: 2 Corazon Jungle: 2
Science/ Biology: 5 Chemistry: 5 Genetics: 4 Bio-science/ Viral: 1
Small Arms: 1
Surgery/ General: 5 Vet: 3
Technician/ Cybernetics: 5 Myomer: 4
Training: 5


A formerly House Steiner scientist hired in System – Cassandra to assist the Iron Dingoes in their burgeoning R&D division, * “The Iron Dingoes Skunkwerks”.

In mid-February, 3021, Moxie took an especial interest in Data Core – Decimator 397, and has begun using a rare lost SLDF technical “work” paper describing how to de-compile an AI, as a basis for de-compiling Dezzy’s cortex. Given time, he might be able to solve this issue.

As of early October, 3021 he resides on-board “The Freedom of the Stars”, and heads his own group of research techs, though he only casually over-sees their efforts in developing a blueprint for Battle Armor, notably the Battle Armor – Tornado PA. He has been organizing the lab’s own research library, and working closely with “The Boy” Tech Brandis Turgan in the unit’s various AI and computer projects.

In late-May of 3025, he headlined a speech regarding his research in AI technology to the planetary science community, though it was primarily scientists allied to San Succi’s colleges that attended. During the event, he met with Doctor Magnus Schroeter, and quickly concluded he was likely the main scientist responsible for the development of “Scarlet Jade” and other efforts against the Dingoes.

Doctor Max Helmut "Moxie"

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