Master Tech Naomi Nagata


Master Tech Naomi Nagata is a young senior engineer in charge of operations on board * “Black Ice” monitor station. Standing nearly two-meters tall, with curly black hair cut in typical Belter style,

A graduate from the national university of The New Republic of Sangria, Naomi Nagata is a trained technician, with skills in electrical and fusion technologies, as well as ship’s navigation and communications, earned through her year in * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences, and practical experience aboard the “Buenaventura”.

Naomi is a Regular NPC Ship’s Engineer.


Born to Belters from an independent family work crew in what is now The Trojan Dominion of Cortez, Naomi Nagata learned early on to survive. Suffering from suffocation, starvation and the threat of being marooned gave her a good education in the harshness of Belter life.

Self-educated as many of her kind, she quickly sought an education on Terramatrix, and when she lost both of her parents, she seized on the opportunity to take her family ship to the core, secured a loan with the ship as collateral, and sought a formal education, completing her degree in physics in two years, rather than the required three.

Seeking further opportunity, she was among the first new students into the War Dogs College, graduating and gaining a good reputation as a ship’s engineer during her stay aboard the “Buenaventura”. She was quickly recruited by the Dingoes, and in early-3031, was transferred over to Black Ice Command as that station’s chief engineer.

Master Tech Naomi Nagata

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