Trooper Nathan West "King of Hearts"

Karnov VTOL Pilot


Trooper Nathan West pilots the Karnov UR Transport “Pegasus” with the “Ice Wraiths” in “The Iron Dingoes”. Although considered a *Green VTOL Pilot NPC, West is hard at training and should soon rate greater experience.

He has since become married to his long-time fiancée, Engineer Kylen Celina West, who serves as a DropShip Engineer aboard the “Pandora’s Box”.


Trooper Nathan West devoted his life to becoming the best trooper he could possibly be, having joined the planetary militia on Claybrooke as a career. He worked hard, and eventually met and fell in love with a civilian adviser, Kylen Celina. She was committed to his service, and supported him, but the par had plans to leave and eventually settle in a northern community near Deadwood and live as peaceful ranchers.

His fiancée, Kylen Celina, was forced under her contract to provide technical assistance to the growing munitions plants in Deadwood, and worked there while West completed his tour. When his tour was extended, and involved a particularly brutal series of riots in the capital of New Denver, he lost interest in the duty and tried everything in his power to either get a transfer to Deadwood, or serve in the northern patrols, where he could at least visit her from time to time.

Choosing to serve in the northern patrols, he had to sign-on for another tour, but was thrust into intensive training and took the position as back-up to a light Ferret Scout VTOL. He took every opportunity to visit his fiancée, but found her increasingly more distant as time passed.

Then, one day, he received news that her body had been found in a back alley of the town, brutalized and murdered. He gained leave and traveled to Deadwood to identify the body, but was unable to, and realized she had been switched with someone else and her ID left behind as a diversion. Convinced she had been kidnapped, he petitioned for release from the military, and was finally given a pardon from service on grounds of hardship, and began an intensive search for her throughout the northern territories.

Eventually returning to Deadwood, he happened to encounter someone who knew where she was; Kylen was still serving at the Deadwood Munitions Plant as an adviser, though now in chains and without a contract. He was then able to get in contact with various resistance cells, who eventually led him into contact with Captain Fionna Lord and her Snow Dusters.

He was present with them during the assault on the Deadwood Munitions Plant, and managed to rescue his fiancée. They chose to accompany Fionna Lord and her troopers off-planet, throwing their lot in with the future mercenaries, and he has since become an integral part of the unit’s organization. He and his fiancée live aboard the DropShip, “Pandora’s Box”, though they talk about one day settling down and starting a family should the unit ever gain a landhold.

Trooper Nathan West "King of Hearts"

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