Nyssa Garnet Ruxbundy-Jemmas "Nyx"

Heir-Apparent of IDAD


Daughter and heir-apparent of Lord (Major) Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin” and Lady (Major) Heather Jemmas. Standing tall at 5’ 9", her blond hair and blue-grey eyes betray her off-world origins in bloodlines, but she remains an ardent citizen of * Iron Dingoes Autonomous District (IDAD) and Terramatrix. She is considered a Regular NPC Politician, despite her young age. She is also quite capable and trained in martial arts and small arms as any typical youth of her society.

Nyssa is an ambitious, fearless, manipulative, highly intelligent and cunning young woman, and very much her mother’s daughter. Since she was a child, Nyssa’s only fear was failure and she is ready to do whatever it takes to achieve what she set out to do and is not afraid to go to extreme lengths. She has been known to be quite plain-spoken and direct, even in front of her grand-father, Duke Jemmas of Horn, and has proclaimed herself a “… child of the Dingoes…”.

Nyssa is also very quick-witted. Moreover, Nyssa has shown to be completely devoted to * Iron Dingoes Autonomous District (IDAD), as shown in her consistent efforts to learn its languages, customs and politics. Nevertheless, Nyssa has displayed a soft side when confronted by the poor, and is known to have spent many hours working among the unit’s * Fraternal Iron Dingoes Organization (FIDO) program, largely under her father’s direction.

She often displays herself as an agent in her father’s name, operating in a manipulative manner, and while both strong and brave of will, she is also stubborn and very determined, even to the point of betraying her ideals if it allows her to achieve her personal goals.

Nyssa’s best friend is rumored to be Ambassador Tabitha Stone, and is also rumored to be in a casual relationship with a youth in the Shadow Recruit program, presently serving off-world. She has also taken Lady Morrigan “Mechanika” Fields as a personal bodyguard, which many assume was an assignment from her mother. She is also protected closely by a small force of marines enhanced with cybernetics, known in some circles as the “Praetorian Guard”; they tend to wear purple sashes to identify themselves from other troops.



Born in late-3033, Nyssa Garnet Ruxbundy-Jemmas was born and raised in the wealthy and influential household in Garrison of her parents, receiving a full primary education through * “The Dingo Cub Scouts”. Further educated in languages, protocol and the arts, she was slated to be a diplomat from her earliest years, eventually training under the * Diplomatic Corps (DC), before entering the government of * Iron Dingoes Autonomous District (IDAD) itself as a bureaucrat.

She is slated to inherit the title and IDAD landhold control of her father upon his retirement.

On July 1st, 3048, Nyx set “The Legacies” on a mission, which if they wanted to be more than simple cogs in the machinery of the Dingoes, and stay alive, they should board the “Brazen Rover” later that night, and either return back from whence they came, or disappear. The group all accepted her offer and left for an unknown destination…

Nyssa Garnet Ruxbundy-Jemmas "Nyx"

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