Secretary-Marshal Omar Hilale

1st Secretary-Marshal of the Commonwealth of Nations


Secretary-Marshal Omar Hilale is a career diplomat from The Free-City of Peregrine, and in 3032, won the vote to become the 1st Secretary-Marshal of The Commonwealth of Nations.

A practicing Muslim, he and his young wife of twelve years, are noted philanthropists and commonly support charity causes in their home nation. He is considered a Regular NPC Politician, with skill sin Negotiation, Customs and Administration.

While not well-trained in military tactics, he is a strategic thinker, and is willing to trust his supporting officers as the military leader of The Commonwealth Star Guards. Regarding * “The Iron Dingoes”, he is known to be openly questioning of their motivations, though he is willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being.


Hilale is a graduate of the national university in Rabat where he obtained a degree in political science in 2988. He served in many diplomatic posts such as ambassador in various nation-states, between 3010 and 3015, and was the Secretary of Foreign Affairs between 3019 and 3022. He was appointed the representative of the Free-City of Peregrine to the Commonwealth_ in 3030, when that nation-state petitioned and joined the fledgling organization.

In 3032, he was chosen as the Commonwealth’s leader after a closed vote on the topic between its member-nations, though many see the position as a concession for Peregrine in the wake of its companion state’s efforts to secure military benefits for the support of The Commonwealth Star Guards, and moving forward, is expected to give that nation-state more control over the Commonwealth’s agenda.

Secretary-Marshal Omar Hilale

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