Master Tech Alejandro Pardo

Senior Manager of Indumil's "Brass Dog Munitions"


Master Tech Alejandro Pardo is a dynamic, confident and high accomplished Manufacturing Plant Manager who has considerable experience in the operation and maintenance of heavy industrial processes. In his career he has worked on renewable energy systems and waste process projects, as well as at advanced manufacturing and engineering facilities, primarily under the Indumil banner.

A good manager, he is well-versed in Administration, Computers, and Bureaucracy, and should be considered a Regular Factory Manager NPC. Presently holding a senior technician’s title under the direct protection of * “The Iron Dingoes”, he is also rather loyal to Indumil, and technically is first and foremost their employee. He leads a team of colonists with varying degrees of experience, but all of whom are grateful for the opportunity to start their lives anew, well-paid and supported in this important venture.

He has a small family, a daughter ( Jael ) who has begun training in the Iron DIngoes technicians, and a younger pair of sons of grade school age. His wife, Ferrari, is an important leader in the local social circles.


Originally the manager of the Indumil facilities in San Succi, Alejandro Pardo was able to shut those facilities down and mothball its equipment prior to the civil war devastating the city’s industrial complex. He, several of his family (many also senior techs assigned to the facility) and several key lines were rescued by * “The Iron Dingoes” in mid-3021, and moved to long term storage aboard “The Factory”, while the Dingoes planned how to re-establish the lines.

In early 3023, the Dingoes convinced the local government to finance Indumil in rebuilding the factory, and Master Tech Pardo was placed in charge of preparing the facilities for reactivation. He was supplied the original blueprints of both the manufactured goods and the lines themselves, as well as access to the construction site for planning the details. While construction of the “Brass Dog Munitions Plant” is underway in * Landhold : Garrison, he is preparing to assemble the lines in mid-June of 3023, once the facility is ready. He also has access to several hundred skilled mechanics and line engineers to begin production, once everything is in place.

Master Tech Alejandro Pardo

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