MechWarrior Petunia Beauregarde Salt "Tuner"

The Next Generation


MechWarrior Petunia Beauregarde Salt, or “Tuner” as people have nicknamed her, is a young Shadow recruit piloting a GLD-4R Gladiator in * “The Dead Man’s Hand”.

Although young for her age, Tuner has spent years as an AsTech, and can be considered a Green MechTech NPC, in addition to her hard-earned status as a Regular Mech Pilot NPC, the latter earned through many months of hard training. In addition to her love of music and her surprising skill with an acoustic guitar, she is often noted for her skills in Sensor Ops and Communications.

Somewhat serious for her age, Tuner is also something of a loner, but she can express herself when she needs to. She is quiet, but has opinions that she expresses only in need. She carries the traditional revolver and combat blade, but doesn’t practice much, or have a great interest in martial arts, beyond what her training has required.


Born in 3007, Tuner was raised a mercenary brat, doing tech work and learning her future trade as a Mech pilot whenever she could. Her aunt is Major “Veruca” Louise Salt, who has spent many years raising her.

In late-3018, she heard about her mother’s death from her aunt Louise, and wasn’t given time to sort matters out. She remained an AsTech serving in her aunt’s repair team for years, but found something she had never encountered before; friendship and a childhood.

During her stint in * “The Dingo Cub Scouts”, she placed quickly as a pilot-designate, and learned how to pilot a Mech. She also picked-up a love of music that was more Rockabilly than her aunt’s or mother’s hard rock choices.

In late-3023, needing pilots for the unit’s Mechs, her aunt recruited her into a FLC-4N Falcon and her career as a Mech pilot was born…. at the young age of 16. During the following year, she and her fellow recruits trained hard, but none as hard as Tuner. As 3024 drew to a close, and the probability the unit would be thrown into a full-scale war loomed closer and closer, she and her fellow pilots were ready for a test of their training.

In late-3027, she was upgraded from her FLC-4N Falcon, into a salvaged GLD-4R Gladiator, just prior to the unit’s shipping off-world on their contract with the Lyran Commonwealth.

Tuner was promoted to full MechWarrior status in late-3031 following her return to Dumassas and the unit’s contract completion with the Aurigan Restoration.

MechWarrior Petunia Beauregarde Salt "Tuner"

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