Trooper Pleione Bayern

Young Darrian Pilot


A young Darrian pilot with some college training, and an ex-patriot of The Federative Republic of San Marcos.

Trooper Pleione Bayern is young, but capable Veteran AeroSpace Pilot NPC, and is the lead pilot of the “Barracuda”. Her skill levels have improved through constant training, largely at the command of her direct “officer” Viper. She has been assigned the young Tech Anya “Araña” Sofia Corazón for several years, a Shadow Recruit who has great skill at technical matters, as her engineer and quiet watcher.

Pretty, blonde and something of a “glamour queen”, she is capable enough, but was initially noted as not too experienced in most military matters, and particularly out of her element in the somewhat unstructured mercenary life of the Iron Dingoes. She has shown a talent at small arms, and has become a very capable pilot, with supporting skills in Tech: AeroSpace, Gunnery : AeroSpace, Computers and Protocol : San Marcos. She speaks Spanish, Portuguese and English with equal aplomb.


The former engineer of the “Barracuda”, she was hired by the Iron Dingoes following her capture in late-3024, and offered the chance to operate the K-1 Class Dropshuttle in Dingoes service. She accepted, but was placed under close watch for the first year of her contract service, not the least problem of which, is her proximity to the unit’s special forces unit.

She was promoted to full trooper status in mid-3027, and continues to serve the unit, though she remained under close watch of her shadow recruit for several years. Today, an integral part of * “The Werewolves” planetary deployment force, she has learned to fit in, and is an accepted member of their closed and elite group.

Trooper Pleione Bayern

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