Trooper Russell "Pluto" Nash


Trooper Russell Nash, or Pluto as he prefers to be called, is a speed freak. He pilots a GLD-4R Gladiator in * “The Dead Man’s Hand” as a common trooper. He is a Regular NPC MechWarrior Pilot.

He prefers to keep the sharp edges of his Mech smoothed, and tries to push his machine for every erg of speed he can muster. He uses every tactical trick in his book to keep himself moving, running and jumping to the utmost of his Mech, making himself a difficult target.

Still rather inexperienced in actual combat situations, he is always learning and willing to gain a tactical edge over his opponents.


Trooper Russell Nash, was born on Bromhead, in 2991, he is a graduate of the Filtvelt Military Academy, and he joined with the local planetary militia immediately upon graduation. He soon tired of walking an endlessly constant patrol in his family Mech, a simple LCT-1A Locust, and eventually emerged from the planetary militia to join the first mercenary command he could find; “Dark Star Recon”.

He served with them for many years, until they eventually found themselves running marginal contracts with their mixed-arms company in Periphery worlds, where their chief selling point were their BattleMechs – a lance of four “bugs”; Stinger, Wasp, Locust and Spider. The company had their own ancient Lion-Class DropShip, and both hover armor and jump infantry support.

They took a good contract with The Tragnar Confederation that involved them smuggling themselves to The District of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina aboard their DropShip, the “Scotian Huntress”, and just as the Small War began, were to scout the airfield before the Tragnar military invaded. They ran smack into the reinforced defenders, * The Sangrian (Air-Mobile) Training Cadre and the group they were training, the 12th (Foot) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “The Krakens”. The defenders anti-tank guns decimated the Mechs, and assisted in taking apart Pluto’s own Mech after he slipped on the tarmac and skidded into a neighboring hotel.

After the battle, when he was pulled unconscious from the wreckage of his Locust, the “Roadrunner”, he was nursed back to health and eventually was offered a chance at another ride in * “The Dead Man’s Hand”. He accepted, hoping one day to reclaim his lost family Mech, and given the chance to run free as the wind again.

In late-3027, he was upgraded from his FLC-4N Falcon into a salvaged GLD-4R Gladiator, prior to the unit’s shipping off-world on their contract with the Lyran Commonwealth.

Trooper Russell "Pluto" Nash

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