Pol Baca "Templar"

Former Unit Civilian Liaison (S-5)


Blond, strong and in incredible shape, he is true to his slavic roots on a Periphery world, speaking English with a hard accent, and living on vodka when not on duty. Strangely, he and Captain Katie Starling might have a lot in common…

He is daring, and unafraid of throwing himself into danger, and a member of proven loyalty to the unit, with an insight that belied his age and experience. Pol is a Veteran MechWarrior Pilot. He piloted “The Ugly Duckling”, a CRK 5003-1 Crockett in the Dire Dingoes Command Lance, as part of the “Dire Dingoes” for many years.


He was first encountered on System – Sligo and was quickly snapped up by the Dingoes as a reserve pilot, though he lacked his own machine.

Pol’s skills developed well over the years, growing into his potential. He received an official promotion to full Mechwarrior following the fighting in Ciudad Garcia in late-May, 3021. In late-3023, he was assigned the position of the unit’s S-5 (Civilian Liaison) in the Iron Dingoes Command Council, and made full Captain, despite his own personal reluctance, and efforts to avoid promotions and positions of authority.

Pol helped form and organize the * Fraternal Iron Dingoes Organization (FIDO), and molded it into a capable force for improving life for the Iron Dingoes members, their dependents, and the community around them with a grassroots approach. He strove to improve the image of the Dingoes through good works and deeds, not just staged optics. Most notably, he expanded the organization into * Duchy of Tharn, assisting the unit’s profile among their new landholds.

In early-3032, questioning his own direction, Pol resigned from its Command Council and the leadership of FIDO. He entered civilian life after taking a bit of time off to figure things out. When he left, he sought few of the usual benefits typically taken upon retirement.

Pol Baca "Templar"

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