Precentor Eowyn Lyons


Leader of the Terramatrix HPG of ComStar, located in System – Dumassas.

While little is known of either his interests or his past, it is common knowledge he has a daughter in The Com Guards named Sarah, and that he has a past in the Rho branch of Comstar, that involves research and development. He is well-read and has a knowledge of many ancient terran authors and politicians.

In his encounters with * Iron Dingoes Autonomous District (IDAD), he has personally met with Paladin, and expressed his trust and respect for the stability that they have brought to the local constellation. In response, Demi-Precentor Jemma Starling has expressed a distrust in him and his personal agenda, and enlisted the unit to provide her with support moving forward against him and his supporters.



With a background in research and studies in the Rho branch of ComStar, Precentor Lyons is seen by many as having been awarded control of this distant and minor facility in 3042 as part of his retirement. Formerly he served in the Capellan/Davion border region for several decades.

Precentor Eowyn Lyons

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