Trooper Ameriie Marie Rogers "Proud Mary"


Trooper Ameriie Marie Rogers “Proud Mary” serves in * “The Iron Dingoes” Line, piloting a unit’s AS7-D Atlas.

A typical Mechwarrior, Ameriie is best-known for her Navigation-Land and Tactics skills, and is otherwise considered a Regular NPC MechWarrior.

In addition to playing the flute and guitar, Ameriie is a good vocalist. She speaks Mandarin_, English and some Spanish.


Born in 2983 Trooper Ameriie is from the Magistracy of Canopus, with a Magistracy mother, and a Capellan father, the latter of whom served as a liaison officer who piloted an AeroFighter. Shetravelled with him to live in the Confederation for three years, but her family left the Confederation due to problems with racism.

Returning to her homeland, she served for several years in their colonial militia, before seeking work as a mercenary with her mother’s PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk. She served for five (5) years in the Perdition system as a freelancer, before making her way to the growing hotspot of System – Dumassas, where she was recruited into the Iron Dingoes to fill an empty spot in their Line.

Trooper Ameriie Marie Rogers "Proud Mary"

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